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Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Few weeks ago (in 2018) I had a dream, in the dream I saw a female minister and she was talking to someone. As the conversation continued she called the name of a male minister and said of him "(name omitted) IS MY MENTOR". She said it with such conviction and honour. Within seconds of her making that statement someone called her phone. I couldn't hear the details but I knew the person who called did so to bad mouth the one she just referred to as her mentor. She responded wisely. She did not immediately receive what was said but rejected it and searched the scriptures like the Bereans( Acts 17:11)

I have pondered on that dream for some time now and I just want to caution ministers of God. PROTECT THE COVENANT RELATIONSHIPS IN YOUR LIVES. There is a reason why the Lord Jesus asked his disciples "whom say YOU that I AM?" (Matthew 16:15). He knew that if they didn't get a PERSONAL REVELATION of who He was and recognize his true purpose for being sent by God into their lives they would not be able to reap the full benefit of who He was.

I listened a teaching by a man of God who had some major changes in his ministry and he was desperately in need of a Manager. He cried out to God in prayer asking God to give him a manager. In response to his prayer the Lord said such and such is your manager. He said "NO LORD SHE IS MY SECRETARY". God said no she is your manager. Everything you need in your manager I have invested in her. When he thought about her qualifications and her abilities he realized she was truly the best person for the job.

So many people are struggling in life and even ministry because they never recognized who God connected them with. Some people carry such rare anointings and they are specially anointed to bring a certain blessing to people's lives. When God allows such people to LIKE YOU and make them always willing to help you, DO NOT TAKE THAT FOR GRANTED.

OPEN YOUR EYES and recognize the people God put in your life for who they really are.

Jephthah the Gileadite was a mighty man of valour but his brothers RAN HIM AWAY because he was the son of a harlot (Judges 11). But lo and behold their enemies rose up against them and the only man gifted enough to conquer the enemies they were now facing was the mighty man that they distanced themselves from by running him. They had to go and HUMBLE THEMSELVES and ask for his help.

Have you shun the very people God sent to your life to help and protect you in anticipation of the enemies God knew would rise against you?

Humble yourself and ask God to restore those connections. When you have a true REVELATION of who people are it will increase the value you put on them. You will realize just how important they are to your success. Don't let pride and insecure people cause you to push away people God really put in your life to bless you. What one Minister is anointed to do in your life another is not able to? Never allow yourself to be deceived into thinking any one man or woman of God is all you will ever need to be all God has called you to be.

Some relationships are not hi how are you? Bye see you. Some relationships are covenant relationships and you should try your best as much as God leads to have the input of your covenantally related people in your life as often as possible.

People are suffering because they don't understand the POWER OF RECOGNITION AND THE IMPORTANCE OF HONOUR. Please Take heed to this counsel.

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