Team Members


Prophetess Charlene Brown

Prophetess Charlene Brown currently serves as the leader of the Media and Communications Department of Ariel Family Church of Love. She is an hospitable woman and one who is very reliable in getting things done. She is an outspoken woman of God whose honesty causes people to take note of things she has to say.
She is a woman who genuinely looks out for her loved ones and will make sacrifices just to ensure their needs are taken care of. She continues to grow in her walk with God and is truly a woman God is raising up for such a time as this.

Apostle Kelly-Ann Brown


Apostle Kelly-Ann Brown is a member of the Ariel Family Church of Love (AFCL). The church was founded by Pastor Alexis Brown in the year 2015. Since it’s inception Kelly-Ann has contributed greatly towards the upkeep and running of the Church. She was eventually put in charge of the Children’s Department where she continues to serve as a Bible Teacher and Apostle of Faith. Her messages of faith have strengthened the children’s faith in the God of the impossible and her message is a reminder to the adults that Christ is looking for childlike faith from each of the members of His Body.
In her professional career she is a Registered Nurse by training and has been employed at the Bellevue Hospital for the past 14 years where she now holds the position of Departmental Nurse Manager. In 2013 She was awarded The Employee of the Year Award. Kelly-Ann’s strong belief is that “With Christ in the vessel you can smile at the storm and so with God all things are possible”.


Prophetess Ann Marie Lambie

Prophetess Ann Marie Lambie is a faithful and loyal member of Ariel Family Church of Love. She is a diligent woman who gives her all when it comes to doing the work of the Lord. She is a very prayerful woman of God who loves the Lord dearly. She is also a woman loved and respected by the members of AFCL for her motherly care and sincerity in the way she speaks. She holds the position of Assistant Leader of the Media & Communications Department of Ariel Family Church of Love.


Prophetess Crisann Williams

Prophetess Crisann Williams is a woman that has been walking with the Lord from the age of 13. She has served in various leadership roles, one of which was as President of the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship(UCCF) at the UWI Mona Campus. She currently serves as the Evangelism Department leader for the Ariel Family Church of Love. She takes her relationship with the Lord very seriously and continues to encourage saved and unsaved to see their need for the Lord and to ensure that He is the God they love and serve with all their hearts.


Evangelist Patrick Fagan

Evangelist Patrick Fagan is a man with a true servant’s heart. For years he served faithfully under the ministry of well known Evangelist Errol Hall. Patrick Fagan is a man of commitment and zeal. He currently serves as the Praise and Worship Leader at Ariel Family Church of Love. His desire is to bring God’s people back to the heart of worship where Jesus is the center of their attention. He has been involved in soul winning for years and lives up to the title of Evangelist. He is a jovial man of God and is known for his humorous side.


Prophetess Carol Blake

Prophetess Carol Blake is the biological mother of Pastor Alexis Brown. She has been one of his biggest supporters. Not only does she love him as a mother loves her own child but she respects him as a servant of God. She is a very generous woman of God and has greatly contributed financially to the development of Ariel Family Church of Love. She is the mother of seven children in all which includes Pastor Alexis. 
She has been highly commended for being a wonderful mother and as such was presented with Ariel Family Church of Love’s first LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for her great contribution as a mother to her children. Prophetess Carol is a woman of strong faith in God. She is very determined and regularly gives words of encouragement every chance she gets. She is indeed a blessing and a beloved woman of God. She has been a Caregiver for several elderly persons and in some cases even after those she cared for passed away, their children and loved ones still feel indebted to her for the amazing way in which she took care of them.