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The Lord gave me (Alexis Brown) this prophecy on June 6, 2011, exactly 7 years ago. 

JAMAICA will become the prayer capital of the World. I will cause some of the most anointed and effective intercessors to be among the Jamaican people. Intercessors in Jamaica will possess prayer gifts and prayer anointings not found in any other place on earth. There will be a mighty release of My grace upon such intercessors. Some of these persons will be known nationally for the uniqueness of their prayer anointings and gifts become popular. People will talk about how powerful their prayers are yet others with these unique gifts and anointings will remain hidden. A time will come when the most prayer energy from any nation of the earth going up to heaven will come from Jamaica. 

I will raise up hundreds of intercessors in Jamaica who will spend their days in Intercession. It will be a common thing for them to spend 6 to 8 hours a day in prayer. 
They will be referred to as full-time intercessors and the ministry of intercession will be the most prominent ministry in their lives. 

Jamaica's reputation as a praying nation will spread throughout the Caribbean Region and beyond. Intercessors will travel from foreign nations to learn from Jamaican intercessors. It will be a Prayer Movement in Jamaica that will be sustained throughout the years. 
It will grow in power and strength. There will be many prayer meetings, prayer retreats, prayer conferences that will happen in this nation. Because of the many prayers that will go forth from this nation, Jamaica will receive the blessings of strong and continual intercession. There will be signs, wonders, and miracles done in this land. 
There will be revivals. There will be national and societal transformation. Intercessory prayers in this land will affect every strata of Jamaican society. 

It will affect politics, the economy, the education system, the police force, they will affect families and homes of this land. Many will be called into the ministry of intercession in this land and there will be thousands of Intercessors in Jamaica.

From children to adults the Spirit of Intercession shall rest upon. Parents will be convicted of prayerlessness when they see the dedication of little children and teenagers in praying.

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