About Pastor Alexis Brown

Alexis Brown grew up in the inner city community of Jones Town. At an early age Alexis began to excel academically. He was successful in the Common Entrance Examination at the age of ten and began a seven years journey at Kingston College.
By grade eight He became form captain of His class. By grade ten He was the top student in his class and made the Honour roll by earning a spot among the top five students in the entire school.

He continued to excel academically, acquiring 9 CSEC subjects and becoming a member of Kingston College's Schools Challenge Quiz team. He played for the two years of 2002 and 2003 making it to the Finals and the Quarter Finals Respectively.
Alexis left Kingston College a respected student having graduated with honours and serving as a senior prefect.
At the age of 17 Alexis started his first year at the University of the West Indies pursuing a degree in Economics for which he was awarded a two years scholarship during his studies.
At UWI he quickly rose as a youth leader and was appointed the president of the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship(UCCF).

In 2005 He attended a regional Caricom Conference and was presented with a "Champion for Change" Badge.
In 2007 Alexis started studying Law at the University College of the Caribbean( UCC). Due to personal reasons Alexis withdrew from His legal studies. Subsequently it became quite evident to Him that the Lord was calling Him into full time Ministry. With all his Academic acolades and qualifications, it was a huge step of faith for Alexis to walk away from seeking secular employment at that time in order to pursue the work of the ministry.

Since embarking on the path of becoming a Minister of Religion Alexis has preached in numerous churches speaking at conventions, crusades, camps, conferences and other religious services in Jamaica and abroad. Alexis has hosted his own conferences and events throughout the years. Alexis has come to be regarded as a prolific Bible Teacher and a respected Prophet of God.
In 2015 with advice and support from the current Bishop of the Assemblies of Holiness Denomination in Jamaica, Bishop Devon Daley Alexis started the Ariel Family Church of Love which He currently Pastors.

Alexis' speaking abilities have not only taken him to religious settings but he has spoken in schools and other secular organizations as a Motivational Speaker.
Alexis was the keynote speaker for the 2014 Employee of the Year Motivational Seminar at Bellevue Hospital, a Nurse's Leadership Conference at Spanish Town Hospital and recently He addressed a gathering at Kingston Public Hospital with high level leaders in attendance.
Alexis Brown is truly an inspiration to those who hear Him speak. A man who has laid down his life to help uplift the lives of others. He takes seriously the admonition of Paul to young Timothy to let no man despise his youth but be an example to the believers.